Commercial Rates


Grimsby Power commercial customers pay for electricity based on different rates depending on their demand and usage.  Small commercial customers that have a demand less than 50 kW pay the same Time-of-Use rates that residential customers pay, with the exception of those enrolled with an energy retailer.  

Large commercial customers with a demand over 50 kW pay the Hourly Ontario Energy Price (unless enrolled with an energy retailer), plus Global Adjustment.   

The link below provides the Time-of-Use rates and price periods for both summer and winter that would be applied to small commercial customers.

Ontario Energy Board Time of Use Rates

The link below provides the current Hourly Ontario Energy Price for customers with demand over 50kW (see Price).

Current Hourly Ontario Energy Price

Other charges on your electricity bill, including delivery and regulatory charges are available on the Tariff of Rates and Charges as approved by the OEB.  Small commercial customers fall under the General Service Less than 50 kW Service Classification.  Large commercial customers fall under the General Service 50 to 4,999 kW Service Classification.

Grimsby Power’s Current Tariff of Rates and Charges



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