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Grimsby Power has in place a Security Deposit Policy for all customers. The applicable security deposit will be billed on your first invoice unless:

  1. You provide Grimsby Power with a letter of reference from another utility (hydro or gas) confirming good payment history where the service was in the applicants name for at least one year in Canada within the last two years or;
  2. The account is enrolled in pre-authorized payment plan (PAP enrollment form attached for your convenience, a void cheque also required) or;
  3. The account is enrolled in the equal monthly payment plan with an option for pre authorized payment (please contact Grimsby Power to enroll)

Application for Electric Service and Energy

The undersigned, herein called the Customer, hereby request Grimsby Power Incorporated, herein called the Corporation, to supply electric service and energy, herein respectively called service and energy to the customer at the premises listed above within the Town of Grimsby, owned by and occupied by . This application when signed by the Customer and accepted for the Corporation by the signature of its authorized officer, shall be a contract between the Customer and the Corporation under and governed by the Distribution System Code regulated by the Ontario Energy Board and amendments thereto. The Customer and the Corporation agree to comply with the conditions of this contract and agree that the said conditions are part of the contract. The Customer agress to take service and energy from the Corporation in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof and to take the same exclusively from the Corporation. The Customer further agrees to pay the Corporation at the authorized rates from the date on which service is connected. The undersigned authorizes the company to obtain, verify and exchange all factual information regarding the undersigned and furnish other financial institutions and credit bureaus particulars of the undersigns credit experience.

By clicking Submit, you acknowledge that you have Read and Agree to the statement above as well as the conditions below.

Privacy Policy

Grimsby Power is pleased to be your provider of electricity distribution services. To provide you with a reliable source of electricity, Grimsby Power needs to collect and use certain personal information about you. As of January 1, 2004 the federal legislation protecting your privacy request that Grimsby Power obtain your consent to collect, use and disclose your personal information for identified purposes. We invite you to read this notice carefully to understand our policies and practices with respect to personal information.

The nature of personal information we collect may include:

  • Information we receive from you such as your name, address, contact information and general financial, credit and reference information;
  • Facts about your historical and current consumption of power;
  • Information about your transactions with us, such as meter number, account number, account balances, payment history, and account activity;
  • Identifying information, such as a driver's license.

Grimsby Power uses the information we collect for the following purposes:

  • To provide you with continuous electric service and to bill you for that service;
  • To assist us in the collection of accounts;
  • To respond to your inquiries about energy use and billing;
  • To prevent fraud with respect to both you and our company;
  • To meet legal and regulatory requirements

Because of the structure of the electricity sector in Ontario, it may be necessary to share your billing and consumption information with third party billing and settlement agencies. For example, your billing and consumption information may be provided to a retailer with whom you have chosen to enter into a separate contract. Your information may also be disclosed or shared with other agencies or organizations as required by law or regulation.

We have developed and implemented a Corporate Privacy Policy for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your personal information. At any time, you have the right to require access to your personal information which we have collected and to request amendments to personal information about you to ensure its accuracy and completeness. To make a request for access to personal information we may have collected, disclosed or used about you or to request that your personal information be amended please contact our Privacy Officer.


  1. Grimsby Power Incorporated may revise their rate schedule from time to time, subject to the approval of the Ontario Energy Board. The customer agress to pay for all services at the published rates in effect from time to time, and agress to pay all invoices delivered in accordance with the terms thereof.
  2. The customer agrees to provide convenient and safe space, free of charge or rent, for the Corporation's meters, wires, and other appliances on the said premises, and further agrees that no one who is not an agent of the Corporation or otherwise lawfully entitled to do so, shall be permitted to remove, inspect or tamper with any of the said equipment of the Corporation, and that the properly authorized agents of the Corporation shall, at all reasonable hours, have free access to said premises for the purpose of reading, examining, repairing or removing said meters and other appliances.
  3. Meters and all other equipment of the Corporation on the said premises shall be in the care and at the risk of the Customer, and if destroyed or damaged other than by ordinary wear and tear, the Customer shall pay to the Corporation the value of such meters and equipment, or the cost of repairing or replacing the same.
  4. If at any time a bill for service or energy under this contract is in arrears or if the Customer fails to perform any other obligation hereunder the Corporation may, in addition to all other remedies, discontinue the service and/or terminate the contract, and upon such termination the Corporation may remove the meters and other equipment installed by it on the other Customer's premises.
  5. The Corporation agress to use reasonable diligence in providing regular and uninterrupted service, but does not guarantee a constant service or the maintenance or unvaried frequency or voltage, and will not be liable in damages to the Customer by reason of any failure in respect thereof.
  6. This contract shall not be binding upon the Corporation until accepted by it through its authorized officer, and shall not be modified or affected by any promise, agreement, or representation by any agent of employee of the Corporation unless incorporated in writing into this contract before such acceptance.
  7. The point of delivery of service and energy hereunder shall be a point on the premises of the Customer satisfactory to the Corporation. The Customer shall take delivery at the said point and shall from that point provide all works necessary, and shall construct, maintain and operate the said works safely and efficiently with proper devices, all in accordance with the Regulations of the Electrical Safety Authority.
  8. This contract will continue in force from the date on which the service in connected, and shall continue in force thereafter until terminated by at least one week's notice in writing given by either party or the other.
  9. This contract shall be binding upon the parties hereto, and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors, or assigns and the vacating the premises herein named shall not release the Customer from this contract except at the option and by written consent of the Corporation.
  10. All electrical equipment of the Customer shall be subject to the approval of the Corporation, but such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, and the Customer shall maintain and operate the said equipment so as not to cause more than minimum disturbance to or fluctuation in the Corporation's power supply.
  11. The Electricity Distribution Rate Handbook as approved by the Ontario Energy Board shall be deemed to apply to and be part of the contract.
  12. The utility will make every effort to ensure bills are accurate; however, billing errors can occur. The utility reserves the right to collect under billed amounts at any time. While the utility will use its best efforts to ensure that each invoice is accurate statement of the amount of the customer's consumption and cost of use for that billing period, billing errors can occur and invoices may not always be accurate. The utility reserves the right to re-adjust invoices to collect all amounts owing for services provided by it, however the billing error was caused, whether through meter malfunction, utility error, or negligence or otherwise. Due to the possibility of such billing errors, the customer is cautioned and advised not to rely upon invoices as accurate statement of its electricity use or costs for business planning or other purpose, and the customer acknowledges that it will not resist payment of under billed amounts on the basis that it has no relied upon invoices delivered.
  13. Grimsby Power will maintain the account in the owners name for each individual property. Should the owner elect to rent the property to a tenant, Grimsby Power reserves the right to maintain the account in the owner's name and leave any financial arrangements for electricity supply between the owner and tenant. Furthermore, should Grimsby Power elect to offer a contract to a tenant and where the property has been vacated by the same tenant, and Grimsby Power has not offered a contract to another tenant, Grimsby Power will put the account back into the owner's name. Grimsby Power will then invoice the owner for the electricity supply to the property until such time as Grimsby Power grants a contract to another owner or tenant.



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Starting January 1, 2021, a portion of renewable energy contract costs will be funded by the Ontario government instead of electricity customers. This will lower electricity bills for large and mid-sized commercial and industrial consumers who do not participate in the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) or receive the Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) by reducing Global Adjustment (GA) costs. Class A consumers could see savings of about 15 per cent on their bills, while non-RPP Class B consumers could see savings of about 16 per cent on their bills*. Actual savings will vary depending on customers’ location and electricity consumption. RPP customers who receive the OER, such as residential, small business and farm consumers, will receive an adjusted rebate percentage starting January 1, 2021, to keep the average residential bill flat compared to November 2020. For a temporary period of 28 days starting January 1, 2021, all RPP customers, including those paying both time-of-use and tiered rates, will also benefit from being billed at the off-peak rate for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. *In 2021, Class A and Class B consumers could see savings of about 11% and 12%, respectively, due to the Global Adjustment (GA) deferral repayment in effect for 12 months starting January 2021.

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Starting January 1, 2021, a portion of renewable energy contract costs will be funded by the Ontario government instead ...

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